Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Well hello there!

How you've been? I thought I had to write something now that New years eve soon is upon us. Usually I'm not a big fan of New year's. I have always found it a bit melancholic and for some reason it scares me to think about what's been and what's to come. I was initially planning on running away to Paris over the New year but that plan fell through. So instead the evening will be spent together with my other half Erik and I must say that I'm quite happy over that too!
Well, this year I started this blog and started working more frequently with my photography and editing which both are things that I'm very happy about. For a long time I had been letting my more creative side rest and now I feel so inspired to continue working with projects I find fun!

Anyhow, I really hope that you have a wonderful day and evening and that you get to celebrate in a way that suits your taste!

Also, I thought I share this little videoclip with you guys. It is some clips that I shot at the opening hour of my soul club "Four Get Over Excited" at Orange here in Uppsala. Most of the people shown are some of my dear friends and they are something I'm really thankful for. I'm very happy for my friends, both old and new ones!

Let me show you a part of my hometown in a 50's fashion!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outfit details:
Aurora borealis vintage earclips: Maejean vintage
Mulberry fuzzy cardigan with black buttons: H&M
Vintage yellow circle skirt with calico print: Crush vintage
French vintage burgundy leather satchel: bOmode 
Burgundy Ettore Adriano leather brouges: present from my father

Hello lovers!

These photos were taken quickly at the amazing university building in central Uppsala. the weather was very windy so my hair was a bit messy. But I still like the tranquility of the place! Unfortunately I didn't have that much time so I only managed to take these snap shots, but I've got some wonderful dresses coming in so I might have to revisit this place with my camera!

The university in Uppsala is very old and is one of the things that the town is known for. I think that you can say that it was founded in year 1477 and that it is the oldest university in the Scandinavia region. This building is an amazing display of neoclassicism and I remember how I could feel the wings of time there when I started studying arthistory. Isn't one of the magic wonders with architecture how it can make you reflect over your position in history and time? The campus is actually bigger than this building so for the most part, or almost always, I had my lectures in a more modern local closer to my home. But the university house is the center of it all and every semester new students are welcomed in through a big ceremony in the auditorium and it's also here that you get your doctors degree.

Well, otherwise I'm working a lot (as always) and because I just love having to much to do I will have my second club now in December and I also agreed to be the producer of a big show on the Regina theater this spring. Besides that I also have to finish my chemistry course and apply for the restorer school in Göteborg. So, I'm sorry that I sometimes update very sporadically but for the time being that's the way it is. I have an ambition of posting several times a week but when life intervenes there's not much I can do. I'm still very thankful for my readers and I really love reading your comments!

(I am much better at posting on Instagram, where my name is simonastreet, if you want to follow me there!)