A summer glimps

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I know, I know. We should all enjoy the beauty and loveliness of winter and snow. It definitely has it's own magic. But I just can't stop to sometimes day dream about warmer weather and sun dresses! 
This little clip is from this late spring/early summer and was something I just did in the spur of the moment while I took these photos of my dear friend Sara. So let's just enjoy a liiiiiiittle glimps of summer before we return to our hot tea cups and cozy slippers this Sunday evening! Styling, Make up and Photography by me.


Baltimore snapshots

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Power plant view.

Train ride to Baltimore.

Of course.


Mayors office and detective Love.

Life savers at the harbor.

 Train gear.

Cubistic lamp at the harbor.

Places to park your boat I guess?

House view.

Close to the mayors office and on the same street as the police department.


Haunting nature on the way to Baltimore.

Tic tac toe buildings.

My first cheese steak at Crazy Joe's.

Dreams of the sea.

Harbor heights.

Dome at the Mayors office. 

My beautiful friend Liv.

These are some of the snapshots that I took to, in and from Baltimore. The visit there was interesting, I met some of the kindest people and got my wallet stolen at the train station at the end of the day. I must say that the experience reflected how the city portrayed itself. Sharp differences. Old and newly built, clean and dirty, safe and unsafe, hard and soft.

I have more photographs from this mini-trip and will hopefully post those soon. Until then, lots of love!  

Taking in the last shivering days of fall

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It is amazing how fast time flies. Fall has soon come to an end and the time for our warmest winter coats, hats and gloves is lurking around the corner. But winter is my least favorite season and I always watch the last colorful leafs that cling to the branches with some melancholy and sadness. Don't get me wrong. Winter can be wonderful, magical and cozy but that magic lasts only for a short while, or visits on some special days. The rest is kind of cold, dark and boring. So sometimes I wish I could have winter for just a month and then fast forward to spring. 

Well, this weekend I visited Malmö, a lovely city in the far south of Sweden. It was my first time there although I have been nearby many times. The reason for the trip was quite unexpected for me! 
I was invited by my fiancées parents to go with them on the final game of Sweden's biggest football (soccer, for you americans) championship, Allsvenskan. Football is my fiancées passion and this time his team Malmö FF had already won but played their last match on home ground. And this lady who is really uninterested of anything football thought that this must be the best reason for me to go to my first football game. So with a bag full of comfy clothes (and one pretty dress) I planted myself in the backseat of Erik's dads car and slept for the 6 or 7 hours it takes to drive down.

The first day we just let our feet guide us around town, glanced at the opera house, ate some tapas and joined a couple of friends over at a bar. This was my comfortable and relaxed uniform (I was after all there to watch football). My wonderful 60's coat that I got for my birthday last year and a orange scarf that I got from Chili paired with black 50's cigarette pants. I felt that it was colourful enough to not be boring but still not to dressy since I was quite tired after the long trip.      
I also brought my new camera bag that happily fits my Canon 7D and my 50 mm lens together with some other odds and ends. Later on it started to rain but the bag kept my camera dry!

So, more photos from this little sports weekend will come and in the meantime I hope you guys get the possibility to soak up the last shivering days of fall.

Back in town

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey darlings!

As usual my updates on the blog has been very sporadic. I have had a lot to tend to when I came back from Washington and I also got sick. Influenza, sounds as horrible as it feels. But, now I'm back and I have a ton of material in my camera, notebook and wardrobe that I want to show you guys! 
And, I have lot's of tips for you vintage shoppers that might end up in Washington. I had a lovely time and let me tell you that I'm really U.S. smitten. I just love the whole atmosphere over there! 
Well, more on that later and soon (I hope) because I am dying to drop some lines about my wonderful vacation and the awful trip back home! 

Until then mes amis, take care!

Land girls

Saturday, September 14, 2013

One day in June I followed my friend Liv to her and her boyfriend Mattias new little vegetable patch in the middle of the city. I'm myself most interested in eating the veggies and enjoying the flowers and not really growing them, but I thought I would tag along to get some dirt under my fingernails anyhow. And of course snap some photos of Livs new green pastures. 

It turned out to be amazing! I watered the plants, cut the grass and covered the plants with soil so that they would keep warm and grow comfortably!

Anything doing with nature stuff, Bengta naturally has to come with. She was sniffing around and exploring everywhere, so much so that I finally had to tie her to a little table so that she wouldn't disturb the other "patch owners".

   My lovely friend Liv, her name means life in swedish. Very suitable for when she plants bulbs and grows veggies!

We also drank some coffee and ate strawberries while admiring the view.

I grew up with these flowers and I love them. They remind me of summer!

Bengta was quite content with her little spot. I call this look "relaxed eyes".

Since then I have eaten both spring onion and zucchini from here, and of course it tastes a little bit more special when you know where the vegetables come from. 
Now it is time to close everything down until next spring/summer. Feels a little bit sad but I can't wait to see what my friends will grow then! And maybe I will come out and help a little bit again, as long as there is coffee and strawberries, haha!  

Watch out Washington!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So babies! On thursday the 12th I'm finally popping my U.S. cherry! I will be going to Washington DC together with a close friend and I am so excited! It was a long time ago since I travelled this far, all my recent flights has just been in Europe, so I am also a bit nervous. 

I have never thought of going to Washington but I got an opportunity and how can I say no? I kind of like not having any expectations. Only thing I have on my wish list is visit the White House, check out the Space museum and go to Baltimore. And of course some vintage shopping! I already made a long list of shops and boutiques that I would like to visit! Also, if you have any tips, you're welcome to drop a comment.

Versailles, oh Versailles..

7 summer treats!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi babes!

Thought I would share some of my must haves for the summer (before it's over) so I made this little compilation for you. Hope you like it!

1. Estelle & Thild cleansing gel. This one is absolutely wonderful! It is soft, does not dry out the skin and is also a very clean product. It's a swedish company who makes different skin products and all of them are marked with the highest ecological certification available! I have used their skin care line for normal skin for some time and I just love it!

2. Lime Crime lipstick, colour: Retrofuturist. Vegan, creamy and bright. Need I say more?

3. Petit whale barrette This is the cutest little barrette! I like to put it a little bit hidden into my pincurls so that it is a bit of a surprise and so it looks like it's "swimming".

4.Kure Bazaar nail polish, colour: Kerria. Seems like I have some kind of ecological theme going on but I'm always trying to be concious of the products I use on my body. That's also a part of why I love vintage so much, it is nature friendly! Well, I recently bought this nail polish and I must say that I really like it. The formula is up to 85% of natural origin and they don't do animal testing. This colour is bright and does really suit sunkissed summer hands!

5. Sweet 1960's straw pillbox hat. Hats are amazing! I do not own that many myself and but I am slowly trying to build my collection because they can really change an outfit, protect your hair, save you from bad hair days and give some shade. If you're not as crazy as me or if you just started with hats this one is a really good choice! Sweet and simple but still very special. Hmm, maybe I should pick up this one for myself?

6. Strawberries. An absolute must for all summer days! Here in Sweden it's a really big thing when the stores starts selling Swedish ones and I'm always first in line. For me these are so typical for my childhood when we went out to the countryside to pick our own!

7. Perfect emerald green deadstock 50's dress. Oh If I only had a bit more cash! This one would be on it's way to Uppsala right now! But instead maybe it will join in on one of your summer adventures?


Park recreation

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back at work and I dream of more days just resting in the sun. These photos are from Paris from a day when the sun was shining and me and Erik decided to just go to the park, meet up with some friends who were leaving and drink some rosé wine. Those lazy days when you don't do anything special can sometimes be wonderful. And with Paris as a backdrop it's easy to just relax.

I'm fighting the feeling that the summer is over and I try to enjoy the sun (when it's out) on my free days. But wearing sunny dresses always helps!