Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Well hello there!

How you've been? I thought I had to write something now that New years eve soon is upon us. Usually I'm not a big fan of New year's. I have always found it a bit melancholic and for some reason it scares me to think about what's been and what's to come. I was initially planning on running away to Paris over the New year but that plan fell through. So instead the evening will be spent together with my other half Erik and I must say that I'm quite happy over that too!
Well, this year I started this blog and started working more frequently with my photography and editing which both are things that I'm very happy about. For a long time I had been letting my more creative side rest and now I feel so inspired to continue working with projects I find fun!

Anyhow, I really hope that you have a wonderful day and evening and that you get to celebrate in a way that suits your taste!

Also, I thought I share this little videoclip with you guys. It is some clips that I shot at the opening hour of my soul club "Four Get Over Excited" at Orange here in Uppsala. Most of the people shown are some of my dear friends and they are something I'm really thankful for. I'm very happy for my friends, both old and new ones!

Let me show you a part of my hometown in a 50's fashion!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outfit details:
Aurora borealis vintage earclips: Maejean vintage
Mulberry fuzzy cardigan with black buttons: H&M
Vintage yellow circle skirt with calico print: Crush vintage
French vintage burgundy leather satchel: bOmode 
Burgundy Ettore Adriano leather brouges: present from my father

Hello lovers!

These photos were taken quickly at the amazing university building in central Uppsala. the weather was very windy so my hair was a bit messy. But I still like the tranquility of the place! Unfortunately I didn't have that much time so I only managed to take these snap shots, but I've got some wonderful dresses coming in so I might have to revisit this place with my camera!

The university in Uppsala is very old and is one of the things that the town is known for. I think that you can say that it was founded in year 1477 and that it is the oldest university in the Scandinavia region. This building is an amazing display of neoclassicism and I remember how I could feel the wings of time there when I started studying arthistory. Isn't one of the magic wonders with architecture how it can make you reflect over your position in history and time? The campus is actually bigger than this building so for the most part, or almost always, I had my lectures in a more modern local closer to my home. But the university house is the center of it all and every semester new students are welcomed in through a big ceremony in the auditorium and it's also here that you get your doctors degree.

Well, otherwise I'm working a lot (as always) and because I just love having to much to do I will have my second club now in December and I also agreed to be the producer of a big show on the Regina theater this spring. Besides that I also have to finish my chemistry course and apply for the restorer school in Göteborg. So, I'm sorry that I sometimes update very sporadically but for the time being that's the way it is. I have an ambition of posting several times a week but when life intervenes there's not much I can do. I'm still very thankful for my readers and I really love reading your comments!

(I am much better at posting on Instagram, where my name is simonastreet, if you want to follow me there!)   

Flamingo hat

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flamingo hat: H&M Unicef collection
Vintage 50's dress: Dear Golden
Vintage silver owl brooch: Birthday present from Jonna

I found this hat at H&M about a month ago and thought it was marvelous! It also had a matching dress, but since I'm not 10, it wouldn't fit me. Too bad! They had about 4-5 different fun hats to choose from and since it also was a collaboration with Unicef, some of the money went to charity. Well, the hat followed me home and I'm keeping it in my collection of masquerade clothes!

This week I have been relaxing and taking it slow in the sofa. Sometimes you just need that time to unwind so that you can come back with more energy then before! I'm very good at planning to much stuff into my days and agreeing to everything I think sounds fun. If I don't have a project going on I become very restless..That's why it is so important for me to sometimes slow things down. Some really boring time in the sofa will give you the energy you need for all the fun projects you can do!

This weekend I'm working but hopefully I will be able to take a turn through IKEA and buy that bedframe I've been wanting for so long! So when I'm busy at work, take som time, relax and don't be afraid of being boring for a little while!

Ps! Did you know that the awesome vintage shop Dear Golden is having a 25% off Holiday sale right now? All that prettyness i's killing me!

New design!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspired by some of my blog colleagues I decided to change some of my design here at the blog! Hope you like it and please tell me what you think!

From the sick bed

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lipstick: Chanel, "Monte carlo"                                   
Dress: Milk teeths
Hello ladies and gents!

Right now I'm just talking it easy and trying to recuperate after pulling out my wisdom tooth yesterday. I had a small inflammation that wasn't going to get solved if I didn't remove the tooth. So scary! Well, I pumped myself up with a white-chocolate chip cookie at work (since I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything for a couple of hours after) and Erik followed me for moral support. He's not so good at being supportive though, mostly he just tell's me to toughen up. But I thought I was tough, just a little scared..

This made me think of my love of vintage. There are so many thing's I think was more beautiful before and so many things I would like to have seen and experienced! And my dentist has got this beautiful old dentist chair in her waiting room. It's very pretty and elegant but at the same time I can't imagine that vintage-dentistry was the same! So, I'm very happy over how far dentistry has come! In the beginning of the 20th century I would have been very very drunk to be able to do this and then I probably would have gotten an infection from the unclean tools. And the tools would have been a knife and pliers. Not so nice! So I love many thing's vintage but I'm also happy to have some modernity in my life. 
And when my teeth get's better I'm going to sip a wonderful cup of tea from one of my vintage cup's while having pin curls in my hair and wearing a Japanese 70's blouse with a 50's cardigan. 
Cause even though I'm happy over the progress medicines made, I just can't stop loving my vintage!

(Ps! Tomorrow I'm going to our capitol Stockholm, check me out on Instagram, where my name is simonastreet, to see what I'm up to!)  

Let me show you a part of my hometown in a 60's fashion!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outfit details:
orange, purple and pink silk scarf: Birthday present from Malin
small black cat earrings: Faz Jewelery
lipstick: Chanel, "Monte carlo"
vintage multi coloured 60's mods coat: Milk teeths
vintage Japanese 70's pussy bow blouse: Standard Vintage
nailpolish: Essie, "Chinchilly"
black lace miniskirt: H&M
high heeled black suede shoes: Din Sko

These pictures were taken at the "The house of music" in Uppsala. It's a concert hall in the middle of the city that was very debated when it was planned and built. Some people thought that the modern architecture would stick out as a soar thumb in between the older buildings, others thought that the proximity to Stockholm made this building useless and some thought that the building was a great way of growing Uppsala's city center. I didn't really care about this debate and I do like the building, mostly for it's amazing view over some of Uppsala's highlights like the castle and the old cathedral. But as always we are a bit moderate in Sweden, if it was up to me, the exterior (who is now light grey and black) would make as much of a statement as the interior. Isn't the red colored escalator and floors fun?    

Also, just had to show you this amazing coat and super cute pussy bow blouse! These two pieces just goes together perfectly and I've been thinking about shooting them both for a while. The coat is actually one of my birthday presents from Erik that he bought (through me) from the lovely Ashley at Milk teeths of course! I first saw this coat on her blog (where she styled it with mustard yellow stockings, very cute!) and I couldn't believe that it was for sale. So I quickly sent Ashley a message to reserve it and after showing it to Erik it was mine. Well, it is actually a little bit too cold to wear it right now but with a cozy cardigan underneath I braved the cold and managed to take a twirl around town in it yesterday! 
The blouse is from one of my new favourite shop's on Etsy: Standard Vintage! And I am a little bit hesitant to share it with you since I don't want to miss out on all the beautiful pieces myself. But I can't keep a good shop to myself, cuz' there's nothing as fun as sharing and this shop is really great, so go and check it out!

And, thought I share a bonus picture of me just hanging out at "the house of music"!   


Friday, November 9, 2012

lipstick: Chanel, "Monte Carlo"
vintage pearl and aurora borealis necklace: Maejean vintage
vintage orange psychedelically printed 60's silk dress: thrifted
vintage light brown Valentino di Pietro handbag: Rut&Raul

Woah, I've been a bad blogger, I know. Well so much has been going on it's crazy! 
Well, I celebrated my 25th birthday last friday and let's just say it will take some time until I plan a party again. It was so much hard work but I hope everyone enjoyed the party! First I had a dinner with some of my closest friends and then we headed over to the club. During the dinner I couldn't really relax so I actually had the most fun at the club. One amazing thing about the club is that I've started a soul club called "Four get overexcited" together with my boyfriend and two friends! So, my birthday party was actually also the premier of the club, and it went so well! Everyone complimented us on the music and our two dj's (Lady Midnight and Karl Marthon) who are big soul collectors and also good friends loved the vibe and Lady Midnight even promised to come back and play again, and he is quite hardcore in to his stuff so even though we are friends I know he would tell me if he weren't happy with the evening. 
This was amazing and I would like to thank them and everyone who came! Thank you so much! 

I also got some sweet presents that I will share on the blog when I come around to it! And off course I will post some pictures, even though I was a bad photographer who mostly danced and hung out with my lovely friends.

Well babes, otherwise I'm working my ass off and trying to come back on the creative train. This picture was actually taken at the wonderful hotel L'hermitage in La Baule and I can fell that my french nerve is tingling  Maybe I will have to go back soon. And, by the way, thank you soo much for your wonderful comments! It really warms my heart to hear from you and read what you're opinions are on different topics!

Lot's of love!

And she's gone..

Monday, October 29, 2012

This Saturday my dear friend Sara moved to Chili. For the last couple of months we haven't seen each other so much but that doesn't matter. I still miss her! She's one of those friends you don't have to talk to every day but you still know where you have her. And even though she's only going to be gone until January, I can really feel the distance. 
For you who doesn't know my father is Chilean and I've told Sara that she is always welcome to visit my grandmother who lives in Santiago. And I really hope that she knows that I'm serious. 
When she comes back we really have to catch up and do some creative stuff together. She is amazing with a camera!

Sara moved together with another awesome girl, Fanny. You can follow both of them in their blog Somos feministas (it's in swedish, but we have googletranslate, haha)! 

Turning 25!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Some photos by: LE
Outfit details:                                                                                                                                
Vintage black 50's swing coat with fur collar: Misoui vintage clothing.
Vintage leather Valentino handbag: Rut & Raul 
Purple scarf: handmade present
Burgundy leather gloves: H&M
Vintage black beret with white pom pom: Mariatri
Vintage sparkly aurora borealis rhinestone clip on's: Maejean vintage
Deep red lipstick: Face, "Älskling" (Darling)
Vintage 1970's cranberry red accordion pleated dress: Coldfish vintage 
Black stockings: H&M
Vintage navy and white spectator pumps: Rut & Raul

This monday I turned 25! 
My morning started with singing and breakfast in bed (a typical swedish tradition that me and "Erik" hold near and dear). Then I went to work and enjoyed my homemade apple crumble pie with caramel together with some colleagues. Finally I ate dinner with "Erik" and chocolate cake with my family. So the day contained a lot of food to celebrate with. Otherwise it was kind of a quiet day and not much happened. 

Many people asked me if I felt any different now that I have reached the middle of my twenties.
 You know when you've been waiting for your birthday for quite some time and when it suddenly arrives nothing really feels different? It's the same every year, I wake up and expect that something has happened during the night. Suddenly maybe I'm smarter, wiser or just cooler? But no, I realize that I'm still the ol' geek I was yesterday. Well the same thing happened this birthday but then I realized something still had changed. Not over night but a slow change that has been building up for some time. 
First of all, I think I'm starting to hold a certain power that I didn't have before, the power of age. I know that I'm not old but still I'm not a youngster that hasn't seen anything. You can't just be pushed around and not listened to when you have the authority of age. That's important, especially I think when you are a woman. Even though you're short and not that big you can still slam your fist on the table and say "I'm twenty-five years old and I wont stand for this".
A second thing I realized is that suddenly old guys think's it's ok to hit on me. For some reason a lot of old dudes has been making their presence noticed at work and I think it's because I'm not a baby anymore. But hey, I still think that they are a little bit too old for me.  
With this I also realized that I am tired of energy thieves. So, I just want to surround myself with the people that I care about and that cares for me. I don't want to waste my time with stuff or people that stresses me out. And there are a lot of interesting, cool and inspiring people out there that I haven't met yet.
 Well, this was a little bit deep but I think it's important to let some emotions out and tell the people I love how important they are to me. 

(And, don't worry. I will celebrate my birthday with a bang the 2nd of November! Then it will be party time!)