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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello lovers!

So, besides having too much to do wich have kept me from blogging I also have some exciting news! 
This little munchkin has moved into my home and into (even though it sound like a cliché) our hearts. I have for a long time wanted a dog and I had even made myself a little list. I wanted a black dog which I thought would be easier to keep clean, I wanted a pug and a male.

Bengta is nothing of that. She is light, a chihuahua and female. I never thought I would have a chihuahua since they have quite a bad reputation but this little dog just charmed the heck out of me.
She is a 8 months old pedigree dog who was breeded to become a pageant dog but unfortunately started to grow a little underbite. This stops her career as a competing dog and her old owners then decided to sell her. One of them is my colleague and he wanted me to meet this sweetheart then called "Bella".
I was a bit hesitant, I had my wishlist and on top of that a chihuahua!? I'm definitely not one of those who love carrying around my little dog in my bag. I want a dog, not a stuffed toy. So with that said he still brought her to work so that I could meet her. She was a trembling little package and I could not deny how cute she was. I still though, a very sweet dog but not for me. But the weeks passed and I heard that they had not found any good buyers for "Bella". And I could not just forget her. So I decided to come and meet her at their home, just to see how she was when she was comfortable.
And "Bella" was just adorable, she sat in my lap wanting me to stroke her belly. She was a bit hesitant at first though wich I liked, she came to me when she was ready. After that I had to make Erik agree to try this dog thing out so that "Bella" could come to live with us for a weekend. After a bit of discussion we decided to let her come and she has never left!
Now she lives with us and we could not be happier! She is the coolest dog ever with a happy temperament and a kind heart. She loves kids and is very easy to take care off. And when she wants you to stroke her belly she looks at you and place her little paw on your hand.
So wonderful!

Then it was the question of her name. I always liked it when dogs had names who were a bit funny and not so serious. Also I really wanted to use a more old timey Swedish name because I like them so much! Bella is a nice name though but since she is so cute calling her Bella is so sugary sweet you almost get cavities. But since she already was called Bella and already was 8 months old we thought that her name should be something similar. We together decided on Bengta, the feminine version of Bengt, a very old swedish name that for me brings associations to the 50s even though the name is older then that. 

 Trying to get into position infront of the camera.


So, the past weeks I have been buying up on doggy gear, trying to make Bengta feel comfortable and just enjoyed her company together with Erik. If you follow me on Instagram where my name is simonastreet and where I update more frequently you have been able to see lot's of photos of Bengta and her adventures! Now, I will try to be more active here but as you fellow bloggers know it can sometimes be hard when life comes in between. 

Thank you so much for your sweet comments, it has really warmed my heart! So thank you again!