Photos from a blue and frosty paradise

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The frozen sea and the trees at the beach.

I'm back from my short trip up to Haparanda, the north of Sweden. It was both good and a bit hard for me to go. My family on my mothers side stems from this region and it was a couple of years since I'd been there. The places and fragrances brought back so many happy memories that due to the nature of my trip became a bit frayed in the edges by sorrow. But the cold air, muted sounds, the scent of my grandmothers house and the soft snow did it's best to surround me with love and beauty. 

It is always interesting to return to your roots as something inside you awakens. And even if it's just a small sensation deep down in the pit of your stomach, it is important for every one of us. 
To feel our history, our belongingness in a continuance of space and time.

On Saturday we went out to the archipelago and to the gem of a cabin at Santasaari that another side of the family owns. I have never been there in winter and all my memories surrounding this place are connected to summer. Bathing in the sauna, swimming in the sea, staying up late and watch the midnight sun, read comic books, get itching mosquito bites and the scent of Finnish sausages roasting on a stick over the fire. 

It was still the same lovely place but now embraced by a soft layer of snow and it suited my mood so very well. To see it in summer for the first time after being away for so many years, and after everything that has happened in my family, would have been to hard to bare. 
The cold and magical airiness of snow and the feeling of everything sleeping under the covers of winter, just waiting to burst out for another summer, was refreshing instead of sad. It held within itself a promise, a promise of summers to come and of new happy memories to be made. And, that time and space continues even though it feels like the world has stopped turning for a while. It was like conditioner for the soul and a breath of air after keeping my mouth closed tight for a long time.

A place to heat the water.

The fireplace indoors.

The heart, the cabin.

I hope these photos show even a glimpse of what I felt when I was there and also I am happy to show you a little taste of my cabin clothes! Fully dressed against the cold with three cardigans, a shawl and comfortable shoes but still (of course) with a bit of flair in form of a liner and a red lip!  

Finally, thank you to to all and everyone who was there, I am so very grateful to have you all in my life!

(And, on another note. My last post was my 100th! Yay!)


Of to the North!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So my friends, I will be flying up to the north, north of Sweden tomorrow! My mother comes from the small town Haparanda which is beautifully placed just by the Torne älv (Torne river) and the Swedish/Finnish border, so you can literally walk over to Finland if you want. I will be going there, sadly, due to a funeral but I have a lot of planning and fixing left to do before I am ready to leave. 

This is the first time I'm going to fly with Bengta and also I want to pack some crochet projects and other bits and bobs so that I can keep myself busy until Monday. I have a hard time dealing with grief (something I might write about later) so I need things to work on with my hands. I find that it helps. 

I might not be able to post anything on the blog due to bad internet but you are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (where my name is simonastreet) where I try and post more regularly.

Til' later, lot's of love and hold your dear ones close.

The bride and the wedding

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yesterday my best friend and amazing lady Jonna got married to her big love since many years back, Mattias! They had decided to hold a small wedding where only the parents where invited to the ceremony and knowing Jonna who doesn't like to make a big fuss over these kinds of things, it suited them just perfectly!

But what kind of friend would I be if I didn't find a way to be a part of their special day? So I had to find myself a job! Knowing that Jonna's adorable and talented sister where going to make her a lovely 20s inspired dress I "graciously" volunteered to make the hair and make up for the day.

So I spent the night at the soon to be newly weds apartment making pin curls and nails the day before the big day. While drinking non-alcoholic sparkling wine and eating chocolate we laughed, watched the olympic figure skating and talked late into the evening. When the morning came I was so tired that I overslept a little bit and the cute couple didn't wake me because they thought I needed my sleep. I have been working very early mornings all week and have been sleeping very bad so a little extra rest was very welcome event though I had planned to get up earlier and prepare breakfast.

Then it was time to take out the pin curls we had done the day before and Jonna looked like a little fairytale princess with the cork screw curls we ended up with. While it was cute this was not the look we where going for so of course I had to whip out my trusted boar bristle brush and start to brush, brush, brush and brush a little more.

After a while a shape started to form and we went from fairytale cork screws to smooth forties locks. This was actually the first time that I pinned curled Jonna's hair so I was not absolutely sure on how it would turn out. So for being the first time I thought it came out completely fine, Jonna's hair is very thick with fine hair strands and I had to do a lot of brushing to make the whole head come out smooth.

This was the final result! A loose 20s inspired up do with a wave in the front and some curls on the sides! We kept the makeup quite simple with a light foundation, some warm brown and gold eyeshadows, a winged eyeliner and peachy/coral cheeks and lips. I also worked with some different shades of concealer to bring out the shapes of her face. This is a good tip and something to keep in mind if you are going to be photographed a lot, sometimes the angles of the face gets faded out due to changing and different light conditions. 

I think it all turned out great and she was absolutely beautiful!   

Mattias were handsome in a navy blue suit, white shirt and a dotted bow tie. They looked so adorable together and when they shared a glance they were completely radiant!

A high heeled pair of light brown Swedish hasbeens adored the bride's feet and suited the breezy simplicity of the dress well.

Jonna's talented sister Janelle who had made the beautiful dress also photographed the couple. They started outside but due to bad weather they returned back home to take a few indoors. I did not complain because that made it possible for me to also snap some shots!

Though the wedding was a small affair many people came together to give the couple a wonderful day. Another family member had personally arranged a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift and without even seeing the dress (except a little colour swatch) she had made an amazing job! We were all surprised at how perfect it matched everything and suited Jonna's taste to a T. It also contained my absolute favorite flower ranunculus, aren't they simply divine?

Then the couple left the building and went of to get married! I stayed at the apartment, cleaned up a little bit and fixed some snacks for when they got back. And I will not lie, I did it all with a little tear in my eye. I'm a complete sucker for weddings and I always cry a little because it is all so wonderful. To have a day where you celebrate the special love between two people in the manner that they want is nothing less than romantic! (And I never use that word!)

Whats new pussy cat?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Vintage outfit styled by me
Photography by the lovely Åsa Edling

So, I think I will start blogging again. I stopped due to lack of inspiration but lately I have been thinking about picking this up again. I just think that I will have to stop being so over critical on myself. It's never good enough, and could always be better. But it is what it is, my vintage diary. For those of you who still hang around here from time to time, thank you! And for any new readers, you are marvelously welcome!