7 summer treats!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi babes!

Thought I would share some of my must haves for the summer (before it's over) so I made this little compilation for you. Hope you like it!

1. Estelle & Thild cleansing gel. This one is absolutely wonderful! It is soft, does not dry out the skin and is also a very clean product. It's a swedish company who makes different skin products and all of them are marked with the highest ecological certification available! I have used their skin care line for normal skin for some time and I just love it!

2. Lime Crime lipstick, colour: Retrofuturist. Vegan, creamy and bright. Need I say more?

3. Petit whale barrette This is the cutest little barrette! I like to put it a little bit hidden into my pincurls so that it is a bit of a surprise and so it looks like it's "swimming".

4.Kure Bazaar nail polish, colour: Kerria. Seems like I have some kind of ecological theme going on but I'm always trying to be concious of the products I use on my body. That's also a part of why I love vintage so much, it is nature friendly! Well, I recently bought this nail polish and I must say that I really like it. The formula is up to 85% of natural origin and they don't do animal testing. This colour is bright and does really suit sunkissed summer hands!

5. Sweet 1960's straw pillbox hat. Hats are amazing! I do not own that many myself and but I am slowly trying to build my collection because they can really change an outfit, protect your hair, save you from bad hair days and give some shade. If you're not as crazy as me or if you just started with hats this one is a really good choice! Sweet and simple but still very special. Hmm, maybe I should pick up this one for myself?

6. Strawberries. An absolute must for all summer days! Here in Sweden it's a really big thing when the stores starts selling Swedish ones and I'm always first in line. For me these are so typical for my childhood when we went out to the countryside to pick our own!

7. Perfect emerald green deadstock 50's dress. Oh If I only had a bit more cash! This one would be on it's way to Uppsala right now! But instead maybe it will join in on one of your summer adventures?


Park recreation

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back at work and I dream of more days just resting in the sun. These photos are from Paris from a day when the sun was shining and me and Erik decided to just go to the park, meet up with some friends who were leaving and drink some rosé wine. Those lazy days when you don't do anything special can sometimes be wonderful. And with Paris as a backdrop it's easy to just relax.

I'm fighting the feeling that the summer is over and I try to enjoy the sun (when it's out) on my free days. But wearing sunny dresses always helps!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Since my vacation is over this is my first "normal" weekend off! And what will I do? If the weather allows I will be sunbathing and eating picknick from my new (old) picknick basket! 
What are you up to babes?

Doing the tourist thing

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

After going to Paris for a couple of times I finally did one of the most touristic things you can do. I visited the Louvre. As an arthistorian I should off course had visited it sooner but I've always thought that it seemed so big and that I really wanted to take my time visiting. But this time I thought I would make my first visit.
First of all, the architecture is amazing. We visited the part that was the apartment of Napoleon the third and I got so inspired. It is really interesting how every corner, no matter of it's importance, is heavily decorated with ornaments and paintings. That is why almost every photo is of architecture or furniture. The art, the paintings, sculptures and collections at the Louvre are of course immense and breathtaking. But, they don't do that well on photographs. You have to visit yourself. Take in the scale and grandeur, the small and intricate, feel the climate-controlled enviroment and smell the dust, people, gold and paint. I walked around recognizing paintings and artists that I only seen in books as if they were old friends. "Aha, so it's here you are."
At the end my eyes were tired and my brain overloaded. It sounds horrific to say that I just walked past the Mesopotamian and Babylonian collections and that I walked almost straight through a big hall were Giotto and Michelangelo were sharing the wall space. But the space was so big. As I thought, I will have to come back. Quite a few times that will say. To be able to take in, see and feel all of it. And I'm not complaining. 
Paris will forever own a little piece of my heart.