Ordinary winters day

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So, for the past week I have been sick. And let me tell ya, it's quite boring! At first I tried to do some small stuff around the apartment, like cleaning it up a bit. But no, my energy reserve has been down to zero so the only thing I've had the energy to do is lying in my bed and watch things on my new computer. At the moment I'm starting to get a little bit better but I will stay home a little while longer just to make sure that I'm healthy. The worst thing I know is being a little bit sick for weeks. And that tends to happen to me when I don't listen to my body and start working to early. Guess I have to be bored for a while longer. 

Any who, thought I would share these photos with you guys. These were taken on one of the coldest winter days a couple of weeks ago and I'm actually wearing double (!) cardigans underneath. And it was still a bit too cold..This is how I tend to look on an average day right now. Due to the cold I always wear my doc's (which have the perfect sole for cold weather! I think the sole is very important since much of the cold comes from what you are standing on, speaking as a swede with family ties in the far north, hrm hrm.), my beret, and on top of that my handmade scarf that I love and got as a birthday gift when I turned 24, it's super warm!

As you might guess it is quite hard to be creative with what you wear since the weather isn't really cooperating with me. I even have to wear super warm pieces underneath or I would freeze to ice. 
I'm really missing spring and I really want it to arrive soon!

7 quickies!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Loved this little post that I saw at Karins Konstgrepp. Thought I would steal the idea!

Mood: restless 
Cardigan: cozy
Ring: birthday present from Anna
Have: to much on my mind
Will: try to get out of bed
Want to: go back to Paris
Thinks: that I should practice my french 

Peacocks stays inside when it's winter

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfit details:
Vintage 50's snowflake shaped earclips: Mae Jean Vintage
Red lipstick: "Stunning matte", Face
Vintage 70's blouse with peacock print: Standard Vintage
Vintage black 50's cigarette pants: thrifted

So, over here it's freezing cold! That's why I haven't posted any outfit posts in a while. It's so cold that even if I think its boring I tend to go for my warmest winter jacket from Filippa K and early in the morning I even wear my super warm pants that actually are made for skiing. Off course I try to wear some more interesting stuff underneath but it's so cold that I can't wear stockings and if I'm honest my pants collection isn't very big. It was years since I wore a par of jeans! 
On top of it all it's also pitch black. Right now it's six o'clock and it looks like the middle of the night outside. You would think that I should be use to this (being born and raised in Sweden and with family ties to the far north) but every year I long for summer.

To survive the cold I tend to find small projects for myself to do inside. I recently finished off this lamp by buying three different coloured lampshades. I've been framing some pictures, playing my ukulele (ironically), making videoclips, painting my nails, drawing, drinking huge amounts of tea, contemplating making my own three day truffles, playing with my hair and so on and so on. 

But finally I had to dress up and venture out to a party since my dear friend Sara is back from Chili (wrote a post about it here) and I thought I'd share my outfit with you! This blouse is one of my favorite pieces since it's so light, comfortable, classic and a still bit different with the peacock print and collar. But I still had to wear my warmest jacket, a big hand stitched scarf and warm leather gloves on my way to the party, just so I wouldn't freeze into an ice sculpture on my way there! 

Ah, costume dramas!

Friday, January 4, 2013

One of my more timeconsuming interests is watching movies and tv. I can't tell you how much I love to find new series that I haven't seen and then just "binge watch" and se all the episodes in a short amount of time! Also, I tend to go for different types of genres depending on mood but I am always a big lover of costume dramas (a term that I use loosely for movies and tv-series that depicts older time periods and who's stories usually consists of love, war and betrayal). Both old and new ones and also good and bad ones! Now that it is january wich in Sweden is one of the most boring months I thought I'd make you guys a little list with tips of some of the tv series I've seen recently. Remember though that I comment these series according their genre.
 Maybe you have already seen them? Tell me what you think! And if you haven't, please do and get back to me!

(Links to the pictures is embedded in the photos.)     

The Forsyte saga:

Costume excess! Can't tell you how many gorgeous pieces the caracters are wearing! One of my favorites is an amazing dress with coloured fur that Irene Forsyte wears in Paris. Also, it has all the things a classic drama should have. Love, deception, family feuds, sorrow, guilt, antagonists..you know, the whole shebang! The Forsyte saga spreads over a number of years (1870-1920) and you get to follow the upper-middle-class british family Forsyte as they grow up and then have kids of their own. I must say that the story sometimes feels a little bit too predicdable but in some ways that is part of the genre. Best performance is definitly by Damien Lewis who plays Soames Forsyte. I just love the way he uses his bodylanguage and how it gradually changes as he get's older and .

Lost in Austen:

Perfect to watch a sunday afternoon when there isn't much to do. This cozy mini-series is about Amanda who loves Jane Austen and in particular her book "Pride and Prejudice". She has read it numerous of times and knows the story by heart when she suddenly has the (un)welcome oppurtunity to visit and live in the world of Austen. You wont find amazing costumes in this one, the clothes are quite low key and I couldn't help getting annoyed with Amanda who trough the whole series has her hair down in a "modern" haircut when that would be the easiest part for her to change. Well, small potatoes. This isn't breathtaking but definitly reliable and warm, the story putters along through the episodes and sometimes that's just what you need.

Land Girls:

Not at all as glamorous as The Forsyte saga but instead heartwarming and nice. This is a story about four women who for different reasons joins the Women's Land Army during world war II. They come to work at the Pasture farm that is a part of the Hoxley estate where you also find Lord and Lady Hoxley. And even if the story is set at the English countryside the war is very present and defines the characters life's. The most glamorous of the four is Nancy Morell who wears big victory rolls and comes in to question due to her italian heritage. But my favorite is the goodhearted Joyce Fisher who works hard at the farm when her husband is off fighting for the country. If you want to see something that isn't too dramatic but still to depicts historic events in a different way, this is perfect!

Upstairs Downstairs:

Hair (and clothes) envy! This beautiful little series is about Sir Hallam Holland and his wife lady Agnes who in the 1930's moves in to 165 Eaton place in London. Wich is where the Bellamy family lived in the older "Upstairs, Downstairs" from the 70's. The series starts with them settling in and finding the staff that is needed to keep such an household a float. Then we follow both the "downstairs" family, the cook, butler, servants and so on and of course the "upstairs" family who gets thrown into the political prelude of the second world war due to Sir Hollands diplomatic work. The series covers both the smaller matters of living together under these conditions to bigger problems as how to cope with war and choosing sides. The best dressers are definitely lady Agnes and also her restless sister lady Persie who later joins them at the house. In it's genre the story is good and I love that nobody is portraid as perfect, in that sense, the characters are human.

Hope you found something new to watch!