And she's gone..

Monday, October 29, 2012

This Saturday my dear friend Sara moved to Chili. For the last couple of months we haven't seen each other so much but that doesn't matter. I still miss her! She's one of those friends you don't have to talk to every day but you still know where you have her. And even though she's only going to be gone until January, I can really feel the distance. 
For you who doesn't know my father is Chilean and I've told Sara that she is always welcome to visit my grandmother who lives in Santiago. And I really hope that she knows that I'm serious. 
When she comes back we really have to catch up and do some creative stuff together. She is amazing with a camera!

Sara moved together with another awesome girl, Fanny. You can follow both of them in their blog Somos feministas (it's in swedish, but we have googletranslate, haha)! 

Turning 25!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Some photos by: LE
Outfit details:                                                                                                                                
Vintage black 50's swing coat with fur collar: Misoui vintage clothing.
Vintage leather Valentino handbag: Rut & Raul 
Purple scarf: handmade present
Burgundy leather gloves: H&M
Vintage black beret with white pom pom: Mariatri
Vintage sparkly aurora borealis rhinestone clip on's: Maejean vintage
Deep red lipstick: Face, "Älskling" (Darling)
Vintage 1970's cranberry red accordion pleated dress: Coldfish vintage 
Black stockings: H&M
Vintage navy and white spectator pumps: Rut & Raul

This monday I turned 25! 
My morning started with singing and breakfast in bed (a typical swedish tradition that me and "Erik" hold near and dear). Then I went to work and enjoyed my homemade apple crumble pie with caramel together with some colleagues. Finally I ate dinner with "Erik" and chocolate cake with my family. So the day contained a lot of food to celebrate with. Otherwise it was kind of a quiet day and not much happened. 

Many people asked me if I felt any different now that I have reached the middle of my twenties.
 You know when you've been waiting for your birthday for quite some time and when it suddenly arrives nothing really feels different? It's the same every year, I wake up and expect that something has happened during the night. Suddenly maybe I'm smarter, wiser or just cooler? But no, I realize that I'm still the ol' geek I was yesterday. Well the same thing happened this birthday but then I realized something still had changed. Not over night but a slow change that has been building up for some time. 
First of all, I think I'm starting to hold a certain power that I didn't have before, the power of age. I know that I'm not old but still I'm not a youngster that hasn't seen anything. You can't just be pushed around and not listened to when you have the authority of age. That's important, especially I think when you are a woman. Even though you're short and not that big you can still slam your fist on the table and say "I'm twenty-five years old and I wont stand for this".
A second thing I realized is that suddenly old guys think's it's ok to hit on me. For some reason a lot of old dudes has been making their presence noticed at work and I think it's because I'm not a baby anymore. But hey, I still think that they are a little bit too old for me.  
With this I also realized that I am tired of energy thieves. So, I just want to surround myself with the people that I care about and that cares for me. I don't want to waste my time with stuff or people that stresses me out. And there are a lot of interesting, cool and inspiring people out there that I haven't met yet.
 Well, this was a little bit deep but I think it's important to let some emotions out and tell the people I love how important they are to me. 

(And, don't worry. I will celebrate my birthday with a bang the 2nd of November! Then it will be party time!)      


The weekenders

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This weekend I went on a spur of the moment trip with Jonna to visit another very dear friend Johanna who moved to Linköping (a smaller university town further down in Sweden) a while ago. Since both me and Jonna wanted to do something different and because we both missed Johanna badly we finally decided to rent a car and together with Matthias drive down to see her! 
It was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed to spend the entire weekend with friends, laughing, rambling about all the stuff they haven't heard, listening to all the stuff I haven't heard and discover new places where I haven't been before. In addition to Linköping we also spent some time in the small town Kinda where Jonnas grandmother used to live in a very big house with a beautiful garden! I just fell in love with that place and would definitely want to go back in summer when I think it must be even more heavenly. 

First we went to a beautiful park in the middle of the city for a cup of coffe and a taste of autumn nature.

A quick photo of the three of us, me, Jonna and Johanna.

The sun was shining and it felt so nice after days of rain in Uppsala. I marveled over the trees that had shifted   colors to lovely yellow, orange and red. 

Johanna's smile was shining in competition with the sun.

Jonna's tying her shoe's.

A cute little mallard almost got invisible in the leaf-filled water.


 Johanna's boyfriend Johannes who tagged along for the trip, I know, it's sweet they almost share the same name. 

The very famous "Göta kanal". A canal that runs through the south of Sweden and who is featured in some bad movies. One of the more tragic moments in my life was when I dragged myself through "Göta kanal 3" which I wouldn't recommend anyone to see, even ironically. 

Contemplating on the bridge and catching some sun.

My birthday shoes from my dad has become new favorites. It's weird that I will turn 25 in only five days.

A beautiful vista that reminded me of where I grew up. I realized that I really miss having nature around the corner.

My dress and jacket is another find from Milkteeths. I bought them when she had her birthday-sale. The beret is also a finding from Etsy, a new shop with a super cute girl that has a thing for crocheting. Click here to find out more!

As I already wrote, it was a magical weekend and I'm so happy we decided to realize it. Want to see even more pictures from the trip? Follow me on instagram where my name is simonastreet, I try to update everyday!