And she's gone..

Monday, October 29, 2012

This Saturday my dear friend Sara moved to Chili. For the last couple of months we haven't seen each other so much but that doesn't matter. I still miss her! She's one of those friends you don't have to talk to every day but you still know where you have her. And even though she's only going to be gone until January, I can really feel the distance. 
For you who doesn't know my father is Chilean and I've told Sara that she is always welcome to visit my grandmother who lives in Santiago. And I really hope that she knows that I'm serious. 
When she comes back we really have to catch up and do some creative stuff together. She is amazing with a camera!

Sara moved together with another awesome girl, Fanny. You can follow both of them in their blog Somos feministas (it's in swedish, but we have googletranslate, haha)! 


  1. One thing that's great about all this new technology is that no matter how far our loved ones go we can always stay in touch. Hope those couple of months fly by!

  2. wow she's moving to Chile- that's so brave! And so amazing. And if she's coming back in January that time will fly by so quickly- and imagine just how fun that catch-up is going to be. She'll have so many stories!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Well yes, isn't she awesome? And, you are completely right, it will be a wonderful catch-up!


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