A fun vintage thingamajig!

Friday, March 7, 2014

As my collection of vintage clothes, furniture and items slowly grows I find myself creating smaller collections of items that fits under one specific theme. For some time I get some sort of a tunnel view and I focus in on one particular era, occasion or body part. And my guess is that this is a phenomenon many vintage lovers can relate to! 
A while ago I was all in to vintage hair tools, and collected an array of books, hairpins, tools, wave clips and decorations. All of which I still have to use at some point, all though the books have been a wonderful source of inspiration!

One of the more odd things that I found was this little pin curler. I have always had a soft spot for old mechanical thingamajigs and this one is just darling, so when I saw it I just had to pick it up! 
Used together with a hair pin it's supposed to help you create the perfect pin curl and I got it along with some instructions on how to use it.

I have yet to put this little curler to use but every time I see it in my drawer of hair tools, I smile. 
There is something both adorable and a little funny over an old time aid that was made to solve "problems" now long gone (for the more modern lady, we vintage gals may still some days struggle with our pin curl coiffures). I can just imagine it being advertised as the perfect solution to a bad hair day!


  1. Very charming! I would be drawn to that as well. Will you share how it works here with us if you do test drive it?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Definitely! I will just have to take the time to play with it!




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