A hat with a tune

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I have bought a "new" old hat. I found it at the evening I went to the opening evening at A. Marchesan and Tidens melodis (loosely translated to the tune of the times) pop up shop! I was graciously invited by the owner Ann who usually resides in Karlstad but for a short while moved her shop to Stockholm and A. Marchesan. When all lovely vintage gals where searching through the offerings I found myself to be a bit shy. Suddenly I saw this hat on one of the shelfs and it was love at first sight. Simple, elegant, with a lovely shimmer and a pearly, sparkly detail, simply adorable. 
Since then I've realized that I'm probably wearing it backwards with the bow in the front instead of the back, but who cares? Isn't it pretty this way?

If you're ever close by Karlstad you really have to swing by Tidens Melodi. Ann's selection of vintage clothes, hats, shoes and accessories is impeccable and very well priced! You can also buy yourself a cup of ecological java and/or a homemade pastry while your shopping!

(I also bought some other beautiful treasures at her pop up shop which I will share with you in time.) 


  1. Oh honey, this is so immensely lovely - you look like a breathtaking 1950s bride.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Why thank you so much darling Jessica! You make me blush!




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