Who am I?

My name is Simona. I am a fun loving Jazz singer currently living in Uppsala, Sweden with a training in Art history who loves collecting different little things in my overloaded apartment while listening to jazz and soul. I crave vintage, live together with my man and dog Bengta and I daydream of warmer weather.. 

..On my spare time I read, troll around Etsy, draw, photograph, dream of Paris, buy freshly cut flowers, play around with photoshop, write, dance, twirl my hair and sing jazz in a big band! 
I started this blog due to my love of vintage and photography. After reading some inspiring blogs I got the urge to do something myself. The purpose of this blog is to use it as a platform where I can connect with likeminded people and learn more about my interests!

My vintage style is inspired of all the decades from 1910 to the 70's and I like combining different pieces from different eras and sometimes incorporate new pieces. I love chiffon, sequins, cotton fabric, bows, novelty prints and so much more! I'm also interested in vintage furniture and house articles.

You are very welcome to contact me for ideas, projects or other fun stuff!

Email: simonasstreet@gmail.com
Instagram: simonastreet
Pinterest: simonastreet
Etsy: simona

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