This charming skirt and a language switch

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lipstick: "Stunnig matte", Face 
Pearl necklace/collar: Topshop
Peach coloured blouse: Monki
Belt: H&M
Vintage Skirt: Milkteeths
Shoes: Din Sko

So, I've been contemplating it for a while, since many of my readers are international I will try to write in english. But my love for the swedish language may still shine through though and you should also be prepared for some misspelling and funny grammar!

Well, thought I'd give you a short introduction of myself. My name is Simona, I am 24 years old (going on 25) and I live in Swedens oldest university town Uppsala, very close to the capitol Stockholm. I am a trained arthistorian and a lover of bygone eras. This blog is 'bout me, my photography, my love for vintage and everything else I find interesting. I love to mix new and old, find bargains, visit exhibitions, try and make stuff, travel, be inspired, work with colours, dance, collect beautiful stuff (anyhting from old cameras to fawns), photograph and so much more!


..Btw, just had to show you this beauty of a skirt! Found it at the shop Milkteeths on etsy. I had already bought two gorgeous dresses from her so I knew that the shipping would be fast and that the description of the skirt would be accurate. When it arrived I immediately had to take it out for a spin around town! Isn't it adorable?

Update: Did you know that Milkteeths is having a 24% off birthday sale today, saturday september 22? Check it out!



  1. Oh my gosh, you look so good! I love what you've paired the skirt perfect :)

    1. Thank you, you make me blush..well, I love the skirt and I will definitely come back to your shop! Thanks for stopping by!


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