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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

     Photographs taken by: Sara Köhlmark

Right now I'm caught up in work. Got no time to photograph, no time to edit photographs, no time to start making jewlery (A thing I've been thinking about picking up) and no time to plan my birthdayparty. Right now I try to spare every little moment that I have on the train, the bus, the bicycle, walking and in the morning to think up some ideas for my party. I'm turning 25 and I want to celebrate it with a bang. But, that means a lot of planning and time, time that I don't have at the moment. Fortunatly some things will probably get solved on friday (hopefully!) and a venue will get booked. 
Then it's just the theme, decorations, invitations and games. Still I try to remind myself to keep calm, it doesen't matter if the 50 fawns (!) I want to use as decorations don't make it in time. These are small things to worry about and it really doesn't matter. 
But, if anyone has an idea on how to create some time to be creative, please let me know! 

Update: If you want to see more pics of me and Sara being creative you can look here, here and here! 

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