Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outfit details
round tortoiseshell colored Sunglasses: 1 dollar find
vintage leaf necklace: thrifted
white buttoned blouse: H&M
60's seafoam cardigan: Capricorne vintage
purple and orange graphically patterned pants: Lindex
vintage Valentino di pietro leather handbag: thrifted
high heeled clogs/sandals: Moheda

A couple of weeks ago I visited La Baule at the western coast of France togheter with my boyfriend and his family. It was a beautiful little town with both a marina and a perfect beach. We were primarily there for a wedding wich you can read more about here, but the days after we could stroll around and just breathe in the sea air. Unfortunatly I caught a cold but it didn't matter since the wedding already had been celebrated.

Now it is turning cold here in Sweden and you can feel a shift in the air, you want to wear warmer sweaters and drink too many cups of tea all snuggled up in the sofa. That's when these memories from wonderful vacations wich I save as treasures in my heart, really is needed. They make me remember the feel of summer sunshine and to not forget that even tough the winter is long, the sun will shine again. 
And well, I must say that in the mean time it's kind of nice to wear cozy socks and crawl up in your home like a little bear prepairing for winter, just as long as you know it's not forever.


  1. You are so sweet, I'm glad you commented on my blog. I'm certainly following yours now. I love you your outfit and outlook on the changing of the seasons.

    1. Thank you so much! You make me blush, I relly loved your blogpost and it inspired me this morning. I'm already one of your followers so off course I will continue with that! Thank you for you kind words!


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