Friday, November 9, 2012

lipstick: Chanel, "Monte Carlo"
vintage pearl and aurora borealis necklace: Maejean vintage
vintage orange psychedelically printed 60's silk dress: thrifted
vintage light brown Valentino di Pietro handbag: Rut&Raul

Woah, I've been a bad blogger, I know. Well so much has been going on it's crazy! 
Well, I celebrated my 25th birthday last friday and let's just say it will take some time until I plan a party again. It was so much hard work but I hope everyone enjoyed the party! First I had a dinner with some of my closest friends and then we headed over to the club. During the dinner I couldn't really relax so I actually had the most fun at the club. One amazing thing about the club is that I've started a soul club called "Four get overexcited" together with my boyfriend and two friends! So, my birthday party was actually also the premier of the club, and it went so well! Everyone complimented us on the music and our two dj's (Lady Midnight and Karl Marthon) who are big soul collectors and also good friends loved the vibe and Lady Midnight even promised to come back and play again, and he is quite hardcore in to his stuff so even though we are friends I know he would tell me if he weren't happy with the evening. 
This was amazing and I would like to thank them and everyone who came! Thank you so much! 

I also got some sweet presents that I will share on the blog when I come around to it! And off course I will post some pictures, even though I was a bad photographer who mostly danced and hung out with my lovely friends.

Well babes, otherwise I'm working my ass off and trying to come back on the creative train. This picture was actually taken at the wonderful hotel L'hermitage in La Baule and I can fell that my french nerve is tingling  Maybe I will have to go back soon. And, by the way, thank you soo much for your wonderful comments! It really warms my heart to hear from you and read what you're opinions are on different topics!

Lot's of love!


  1. Oh, congrats!!
    That sounds like an amazing adventure the four of you are embarking on! Wishing you guys all the best! :)


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