Taking in the last shivering days of fall

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It is amazing how fast time flies. Fall has soon come to an end and the time for our warmest winter coats, hats and gloves is lurking around the corner. But winter is my least favorite season and I always watch the last colorful leafs that cling to the branches with some melancholy and sadness. Don't get me wrong. Winter can be wonderful, magical and cozy but that magic lasts only for a short while, or visits on some special days. The rest is kind of cold, dark and boring. So sometimes I wish I could have winter for just a month and then fast forward to spring. 

Well, this weekend I visited Malmö, a lovely city in the far south of Sweden. It was my first time there although I have been nearby many times. The reason for the trip was quite unexpected for me! 
I was invited by my fiancées parents to go with them on the final game of Sweden's biggest football (soccer, for you americans) championship, Allsvenskan. Football is my fiancées passion and this time his team Malmö FF had already won but played their last match on home ground. And this lady who is really uninterested of anything football thought that this must be the best reason for me to go to my first football game. So with a bag full of comfy clothes (and one pretty dress) I planted myself in the backseat of Erik's dads car and slept for the 6 or 7 hours it takes to drive down.

The first day we just let our feet guide us around town, glanced at the opera house, ate some tapas and joined a couple of friends over at a bar. This was my comfortable and relaxed uniform (I was after all there to watch football). My wonderful 60's coat that I got for my birthday last year and a orange scarf that I got from Chili paired with black 50's cigarette pants. I felt that it was colourful enough to not be boring but still not to dressy since I was quite tired after the long trip.      
I also brought my new camera bag that happily fits my Canon 7D and my 50 mm lens together with some other odds and ends. Later on it started to rain but the bag kept my camera dry!

So, more photos from this little sports weekend will come and in the meantime I hope you guys get the possibility to soak up the last shivering days of fall.

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