Back in town

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey darlings!

As usual my updates on the blog has been very sporadic. I have had a lot to tend to when I came back from Washington and I also got sick. Influenza, sounds as horrible as it feels. But, now I'm back and I have a ton of material in my camera, notebook and wardrobe that I want to show you guys! 
And, I have lot's of tips for you vintage shoppers that might end up in Washington. I had a lovely time and let me tell you that I'm really U.S. smitten. I just love the whole atmosphere over there! 
Well, more on that later and soon (I hope) because I am dying to drop some lines about my wonderful vacation and the awful trip back home! 

Until then mes amis, take care!


  1. I just discovered your blog, and it's super adorable! I'll be following, and I can't wait to hear about your Washington D.C. trip!


    1. You are to sweet! Thank you so much and an update is on it's way!


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