Land girls

Saturday, September 14, 2013

One day in June I followed my friend Liv to her and her boyfriend Mattias new little vegetable patch in the middle of the city. I'm myself most interested in eating the veggies and enjoying the flowers and not really growing them, but I thought I would tag along to get some dirt under my fingernails anyhow. And of course snap some photos of Livs new green pastures. 

It turned out to be amazing! I watered the plants, cut the grass and covered the plants with soil so that they would keep warm and grow comfortably!

Anything doing with nature stuff, Bengta naturally has to come with. She was sniffing around and exploring everywhere, so much so that I finally had to tie her to a little table so that she wouldn't disturb the other "patch owners".

   My lovely friend Liv, her name means life in swedish. Very suitable for when she plants bulbs and grows veggies!

We also drank some coffee and ate strawberries while admiring the view.

I grew up with these flowers and I love them. They remind me of summer!

Bengta was quite content with her little spot. I call this look "relaxed eyes".

Since then I have eaten both spring onion and zucchini from here, and of course it tastes a little bit more special when you know where the vegetables come from. 
Now it is time to close everything down until next spring/summer. Feels a little bit sad but I can't wait to see what my friends will grow then! And maybe I will come out and help a little bit again, as long as there is coffee and strawberries, haha!  


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