A summer glimps

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I know, I know. We should all enjoy the beauty and loveliness of winter and snow. It definitely has it's own magic. But I just can't stop to sometimes day dream about warmer weather and sun dresses! 
This little clip is from this late spring/early summer and was something I just did in the spur of the moment while I took these photos of my dear friend Sara. So let's just enjoy a liiiiiiittle glimps of summer before we return to our hot tea cups and cozy slippers this Sunday evening! Styling, Make up and Photography by me.


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  1. ahh, i spend just about all of autumn and winter wishing for summer and spring, i hate being cold. i'm lucky living in australia it's summer for me right now though! your little dog in your video is ADORABLE by the way!

    little henry lee


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